ScrubBot Leveling

Information like leveling calculation, rank names, rank badges, and more will be listed here.

Leveling Calculations

ScrubBot has its own way of leveling people up. Everytime someone chats they will get 1 more point. To level up you need a certain amount of points. It does the square root of your points then multiplies it by 0.85. If it is equal to your current level, OR is more than your level you will level up. If you want to calculate how many points you need to get to a certain level, use the following calculation: Please note that x in this equation would be the level you are looking for how many points you need to get to that level. (x/0.85)*(x/0.85). This is also rounded. That will be how many points you need to level up. On certain levels you will get special reactions and messages with the level up. This is normally when you rank up to a new rank on the leveling system.

Rank Names and Information

On certain level ups you will rank up. These levels are: 5, 10, 20, 35, 45, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85, and 100. On level 45, 85, and 100 you get access to more commands. At level 45 you gain access to >Sbscrub {user} which tells the user they are a scrub. They also gain access to >Sbscrubrate {user} which gets a random percent of a scrub the user is. >Sbscrubrate does have a cooldown. At level 85 you get >Sbsay {message}. This makes the bot say whatever you want it to (don't break the rules though). Level 100s perk has not been made yet as we have a lot of time to make it. No one is even at level 45 yet.

Rank Names in Order

The rank names that have "?" as their name are actually not shown what they are yet. They already have names but no one has got that far on the leveling system. Once we see someone has reached it, it will be updated with the real names. The amount of question marks is the amount of characters the names have. This does include spaces because they are a character.

Rank Badges

Depending on what level you are, you will have a rank badge. Here are the specifics:

They don't do much than just symbolize what level of rank you really are.

If you find any glitches within this leveling system please contact me ASAP. I will fix it as soon as I can.